If you’re young, in good health, own limited assets, and have a pretty straight-forward, uncomplicated family situation, then a last will and basic medical directives should serve you well. However, here are the situations in which you should consult a law firm about adding more sophisticated estate planning documents:

  • You own enough assets for them to be subjected to state or federal estate tax when you or your spouse dies.
  • You own assets like real estate or stocks that have appreciated significantly in value since you purchased them, subjecting your beneficiaries to potentially high capital gains taxes.
  • You want to ensure that your beneficiaries are responsible with your legacy by using/spending it in a certain way.
  • You want to avoid the entire probate court process. You have a child with a disability or other special needs.
  • You or your spouse are divorced and/or have children from a previous relationship or marriage.
  • You fear that someone may contest your will by either claiming you were mentally incompetent or were unjustly influenced by another person or circumstance when you wrote it.


If your situation matches one of the scenarios above, please feel free to contact our law firm to schedule a consultation.